Peer is an international platform for artists that focusses on the written word, the image and the process of creating art. Peer is situated in the Red Light District where its public location hosts open ateliers, exhibitions and readings. Peer publishes a quarterly magazine.


Oudezijds Achterburgwal 133
open wed-sat 10:00-18:00
sundays 12:00-17:00


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CURRENTLY: open atelier

Everything At Work In The Field Of Play

by Bernke Klein Zandvoort

In June the Open Atelier will be all about the 'ball'. Amsterdam based artist and writer Bernke Klein Zandvoort will focus her research on the 'Ball' as pre-announced in Peer paper words issue 2 in which she already gave us an insight on her preliminary research. The period will end in a presentation at Peer in July (to be announced). Come and see her at work and get pulled in on the subject of the all-encompassing 'ball'.


June 26th at 13:00 Lunchreading by Bernke Klein Zandvoort, about her work process and the projects she is currently working on.


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Our second issue is all about words, albeit visual or textual, and includes a reflective essay by Alexandra Nicolau, short stories by Zack McDonald, Dale Stean, Jeroen van Honk, art projects by Bernke Klein Zandvoort, Marta Colpani, Olivier Oosterbaan and Kianoosh Motallebi, visual features by Geran Knol, Martijn Petrus, Hiromi Kawasaki and Griet van de Velde, a collaboration with I.R.P. zine and British literary journal Structo. Part of the paper’s content is based on events that took place in our project space.

CURRENTLY: exhibition


by Annemarie Vink

For the exhibition 'Moments' Amsterdam based artist Annemarie Vink painted 'borrowed moments', captured by you - the public - on camera. The stills depict situations from daily life, small details that have caught the artist's eye. Like a pile of clothing, flowers on a dashboard or a little collar with shiny buttons. Each tell their own story, personal to the photographer but one we all recognise.

Vink blows up the images and zooms in. Inspired by materials, texture, light and colour she re-lives the moment of taking the photo through oil-paint on paper or card board. Some works are made quickly on cardboard, trying to catch the moment in the painter's movements, while some are more detailed: studies focussing on materials and light. The paintings are accompanied by text, again borrowed from those who took the stills. The paintings were all made during her residency at Peer in April.


Opening June 1st from 17:00-20:00 and expo on display until June 26


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COMING UP: open atelier and workshop

Distance as Time, Distance as Sound, Distance as Words

by Marta Colpani


Marta Colpani will be our artist­ in ­residence for four ­weeks. During this time she wants to open up her current research Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words to a larger group of people, by inviting them to participate to the process itself of producing visual work, rather than only as viewers.

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